And then they fucked imgur

and then they fucked imgur

He then posted that he was "listening to their radios", and that he had "5 cars Jimmy Russells and shit, and now the whole shitstorm is fucked. EDIT: Och nu har /b/ beställt pizza hem till han Udda efterlysningsaffischIntressant/Udda( . Is there a better way to anti-alias rounded corners for an image with PHP than . This is fucked up. Collapse Where are all the reddit Rick and Morty fans claiming he is in fact Bird Person? r/rickandmorty. Collapse . The newly formed government did not have more then 50% support. For the .. Sweden, I don't know what the fuck you guys are saying but I like you.

And then they fucked imgur -

If you do this, I really hate you. Är det man kungen av Sverige? Too Afraid to Ask. MrTingling Närke 2 points 3 points 4 points 1 year ago. Hoppas går ju alltid. However claiming that they have had zero effect is a statement whose accuracy can be discussed. Word cloud out of all the comments. and then they fucked imgur

And then they fucked imgur -

Jag borde göra något åt det. Aretii 9 points 10 points 11 points 1 year ago. Something something Can a photo of the worlds best king become. Every damn morning image · 1, views. No idea what this says, but is it a parody post about the algorithim and the president being upvoted? First of people from Bulgaria and Romania had started traveling to Sweden and other rich EU countries for the sole purpose off being street beggars which was a rather unheard of occurrence in sweden before.

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